Yes; Beastbrook is the sobriquet for the NBA MVP and most triple double’s record holder-Russell Westbrook. Even though I am not as a staunch fan of basketball as I am of football, I must say I like this lad’s style of play. He is not the best shooter in the league nor is he really good at defending but he is just explosive. Every huge fan of NBA knows this guy. He is a point guard and hence responsible for running his team’s offense through passing, dribbling, and stealing. I usually equate the point guard position to American football’s quarter back position because they all play a fundamental role in a game. These are attributes that Westbrook has really mastered and made a name for himself. Despite raking high scores in games, making meticulous passes, and purloining the ball from opponent players he is not defined by those attributes but rather his style of attacking the basket. I watch a lot of Joe Vincent biography videos and the ones he has made of Westbrook are so congealing. Actually it’s his rather explosive dunks on the basket that earned him league MVP award because most people pay to watch someone ruthlessly get posterized. He always leaves the rim shaking, with his ‘I’m going to bring the roof down’ gesture.

However, in recent years his form has taken a nosedive especially since joining LeBron’s Lakers. My friend Enock (a warriors fan) taunts me whenever Westbrook has a bad game; and I can’t do nothing about it. Pundits say its old age. Fans say he is done. A former league MVP failing to make 15 points in a game and struggling to make three point shots; it’s clearly a deep form. The situation is not good at all. Beastbrick or Westbrick is the new epithet he has acquired.

However, what is amazing is that he keeps starting every game. Meaning he works hard in practice, maybe more than his counterparts. He is still strong and never giving up. He even shows up for press conferences and answers the unforgiving journalists’ questions meant to criticize and undermine him. I mean I don’t think I could do that. Most importantly he always emits a sense of hope for better days to come. That’s what I like and pick from him every day. That no matter the situation, there is always hope for a better day. Keep your head up and fight. The world is unforgiving. It was never promised to be easy.

I hope Russell Westbrook wins a chip and we shut haters’ mouths.


Just let it go

Moving on from someone can be so hard but not as hard as moving on from an idea. Nevertheless, you sometimes just need that to be happy. So you have to gather yourself and trod away, it is going to hurt, but they never said it’s going to be easy.

You could be moving on from a person, job, or opportunity that is not working; it’s all hard. I remember when I had to move on from the idea of my dream career because I just realized I was not going to make it there no matter what! God please forgive me if I am limiting your omnipotence. Yet again I had to abort the idea of what that career could make me; the money and social status it came with. I tell you it was hard to erase the image of me in that office, in that coat, in that car, in that forum, in that conference…… I had to move on from that. It was unimaginable but it began and seemed easy when I understood I could achieve all these things even in another space. I could be happy in another career as well.

It is the same secret I am sharing with you with the hope that it gets you out of that relationship that is not working, that job that is stressing, that idea that is making you crazy. Sometimes back I had to stop a relationship that I wanted to last forever so bad but wasn’t working. We had all these differences and it was not a space that brought joy and security at all but instead it brought sadness, stress, insecurities, and a lot of blame game. Personally I was not happy and being the person that believes that everybody has a reason to behave the way they do, even as much as making you unhappy, I needed to let it go. It all did not sit right with me at first and I felt like there was always room for another chance. However, sometimes it is not a second chance that’s needed. At first it was hard and imaginable but again I learnt I could get everything the person offered and even more from another place. That idea alone helped me let what was not working go, and open another page of happiness.

That sad and unfulfilling space you are at is not the last stop, there is always another stop waiting on you. Be brave and let go.

Adios muchachos!  

‘I know I am never a fan of expressing my thoughts and feelings but I had to do this because of the conviction coming from my life experiences. I hope it helps someone.


The going

My close brothers and sisters who I commonly refer to as wadau are worried of my perceived absence from the new world called social media. Mercy I give to those saying I have gone off the radar but none I give to those peddling some exaggerated social discourse that nimeomoka—slang for making it financially. These exaggerated social discourses literally leave me in tears; tears of joy that people see signs of kuomoka in me and worse even, tears that they don’t know the sad state my physical and e-wallets are. 

Lemme hahaha my way into this issue, clear the air, and dismantle some of the inexactitudes ( that’s how I refer to lies) and conspiracy theories that my wadaus have put out there. “Hey bro I see you landed that job with that NGO! Hence you’re so quiet!” Hahaha brother thank you for the wishes. No bro, the application needed ten years experience and you know I am not even a graduate; just a graduand awaiting Goldalyn Kakuya’s speech on hardwork and dedication. What was the name of that university? However, I am still hoping that my uncles live up to their words; maliza shule ulete makaratasi! Such a bold and underlined statement. 

You see, I went for an excursion away from jiji (as referred to by my folks down coast) to my aboard at the coastal lands of Kenya to greet my family, friends and supporters among other humdrum duties like collecting my debts and checking if that lanky local drunk lad wails at night after filling his belly with tupa ya uchi (bottle of palm wine). Most importantly I had to come and try to workout or rather walk out the belly fat that had began accumulating. Njoro’s mutura base is the only junk food site I visit. That’s to debunk the other exaggerated social discourse that I am a regular customer of KFC and it’s peers. 

Having explained my financial and physical conditions it’s time to put a lid on the relationships quagmire. I am still at logger heads with my ‘close acquaintances’ that claim that I’m quiet because I married. I feel that my detractors want to keep me out of the market and hence I have to issue a stern statement that ‘you favorite guy is still on the shelves, fresh and juicy as always’. On a second take, the rumor that a member of the fairer sex has taken more that cursory interest in me and spirited me off to some part of the coast is a mere fallacy. Only Jesus Christ has taken me in and the only meal I am getting served is the sweet word of God. Do I even have to explain that factors such as poverty, lack of infrastructure, joblessness, and lack of amenities cannot let me culture that idea; my mum and dad put aside. 

Furthermore, as a die hard blues fan I can only find solace away from these streets filled with Manchester United fans. Second on the table they are and security they demand from the president citing they have too many points in the premier league. Bruno, Pogba and Rashford is all they can tell you about. Nothing important like how we can curtail graft in Kenya or reduce the corona figures. Where did these people come from?? Lemme spare wayward Arsenal fans like Enock, Eddy, John, Isaac, Rono, and your newly acquired Judith. They need therapy sessions. Just to add on the sports bulletin, my NFL team Kansas City Chiefs and NBA new team Washington Wizards are doing fine. 

On politics, Ruto, UDP, BBI, and Sonko, dynasties and hustler nations I’d rather not comment. But I am a hustler that believes in a free country with minimal government. I plan not to waste time queuing to cast something that is likely not to count. 

I hope this piece answers the many questions as to why I stopped writing. I did not stop but rather took a deep breath.

As I conclude, wadaus you’re still in my circle and forever you’ll be. It’s 2021, the start of another decade. I can’t wait to see you succeed and achieve your dreams. Let’s toast to more. 

Yours Truly. 


We walk by faith, not by sight.

The verse is 2 Corinthians 5:7 NKJV, the title to Memphis Depay’s new rap song. The rap song’s lyrics and video elucidate a lot about the bible verse, which can be summed up by Drake’s hit ‘started from the bottom now we here.’ The story is about a poor single mother’s child growing up to become a football legend, millionaire, balling Warhol, author, prolific rapper, and many other accolades.  Listening to the song and relating the verse’s more profound meaning was critical for me. It’s one of the verses that doesn’t require an analysis of a deeper meaning. We walk by faith, not by sight. We walk by faith that the future is bright even though we are in a world of darkness now. We walk by faith that the future is filled with joy even though we now shed tears of despair. We walk by faith that we shall ball in the future even though we haul in insolvency now. Today’s situation doesn’t hold the future. We walk by faith and not by sight. We may see fear, hopelessness, bankruptcy, heartbreaks, and disappointments, but the future holds strength, hope, joy, and riches. All because the Lord says so. We hope for a future where like Depay’s trademark celebration, we shall close our ears to the haters and doubters and give thanks to the Lord for the great things He does. Happy Sunday!!!


Feline Love ❤️

There’s no animal sound that makes me happy than the high-pitched chirp-like noise my small kitten makes whenever it sees me. I am not a big fan of animals but this kitten I received from my auntie, brings me a lot of joy. You know it actually knows my voice and maybe my body’s smell. Whenever I show up at the gate to our compound, I’d see it run towards me. That always makes me happy. Don’t get me wrong, I haven’t always lived with animals. I mean having spent almost my whole life in the city where cats have been replaced by RatRat and RedCat poison while dogs have been replaced by watchmen has made me miss all the fun that comes with owning them.

My friend Gabriel owns a cat that he treasures more than his many girlfriends. I remember when he cancelled a boys sleepover to attend to his sick cat! You can imagine boys sleep over filled with UEFA, PS4, music, booze and gossip about the new chick in the block. I’ve always thought the cat’s charms have made him crazy but then that perception has been changed by my encounter with Mbuside. That’s my cat’s name by the way, I could think further.

Then there’s this deep ‘boiling’ sound it makes whenever I am around. It’s actually called trilling. Cats trill when they are happy, comfortable, or when they want attention or food. Then there’s the rubbing of the chin against my shoes and body. You can find this uncomfortable especially when you’ve put on your best attire or about to see your date and you definitely don’t want to show up smelling like a cat and having fur on your clothes. However, the rubbing that cats do is a signal that they love you. It’s is also a way of marking their territory especially when there are other cats or people around and it does not want to share you with any of them. Rubbing and trilling are love messages from cats.

The only feline behavior that discomforts me is the too much play mbuside demands. Always wanting to lie on my laps, smell my clothes, climbing over my shoulders and sleep next to me. I always dread being scratched while I’m sleeping. Maybe it will try to wake me up to play with a scratch on my cheeks. Well, they say as playful as a kitten.
Cats are definitely amazing pets and trying to interpret feline behavior opens up a universe you’ve never explored.


Teen pregnancies on the rise

On Monday 6th of July 2020, the president of Kenya, President Uhuru Kenyatta, issued a directive to the National Crime Research Centre to probe the escalating cases of teen pregnancies during this COVID-19 period. The president noted that this was a direct disempowerment of the girl child and the overall future of the society. This move’s impetus comes after Machakos County Children’s department reported having captured about 4000 pregnancy cases in girls under the age of 19 in the last four months alone. If the same figure half replicates in other counties in the country, then there’s a severe problem in the county. The figure seems to have spiked during the ongoing school closure when the children are under the close care of their parents, raising the issue of who is to blame for the problem. 

Many people, though, do not understand that teen pregnancy is a massive crisis in Kenya with a recent UNFPA report showing that the country records over 350,000 teenage pregnancies every year, with 7.6% of this figure being girls aged between 10-14. The data from the Ministry of Health stipulates the havoc further by indicating that at least 1 in every five girls gets pregnant before reaching their 19th birthday. 

These figures should least shock you, bearing in mind the repercussions of teen pregnancies, which drive the cycle of poverty, gender imbalance when it comes to development, and in the long run, gender-based violence. This aspect is because these girls end up dropping out of school. There is also a huge health problem associated with the menace characterized by risks of perinatal death, premature birth, and other reproduction complications. 

Many reasons are being given for the rise in teen pregnancies during the COVID-19 lockdown, with many people pointing fingers towards parents’ inability to protect or guide their children. There’s also the argument that most of these pregnancies result from transactional sex, especially in low-income families where the girls are trying to support their families. Besides, COVID 19 has led to many health projects such as the issuance of contraceptives to be curtailed in some areas rendering these teens unprotected. 

It’s without a doubt that the rise in teen pregnancies pinpoints a problem in society, one that needs to be addressed hurriedly. The solution has to begin from the family level, where the parents have to acknowledge that times are changing, and children are getting exposed to sex more easily than before. Parents have to embrace sexual education based on first and foremost abstinence and safe sex practices like the use of contraceptives. Generally, there ought to be a paradigm shift from the initial German Shepard parenting to friendly parenting since statistics show that teen pregnancies are high in the former than the latter. Secondly, through the Ministries of education and youth, the government should make age-appropriate sexual education compulsory in primary and secondary schools. Even during this scourge, efforts should be made to share sexual education in local radios and televisions. This will help learners understand sexual consent, healthy relationship, gender-based violence, and safe sex. The nongovernmental organizations singling in education and family health should also take the mantle and extend the reach of sexual education in teenagers. Political leaders and societal leaders also have a similar role in subduing the catastrophe instead of politicizing it as it is the case in Machakos and Rift Valley. Even though COVID-19 has worsened the teen pregnancy situation in the country, all is not lost, with the right mitigation, the numbers can drop, and the girl child can get elevated.


Why we need to rethink Globalization after COVID-19!

It’s without a doubt that the ongoing COVID-19 scourge that began at Wuhan Province in China took many nations by surprise and many people are asking themselves what they could have done better? The plague has crippled every sector on the economy in every country with adverse ripple effects like collapsing and downsizing of companies. This development’s repercussions have then trickled down to the family level where catering for the basic needs is becoming a nightmare. Amid all this fiasco people are beginning to point fingers; citizens are pointing fingers at their governments, POTUS Trump is blaming China for not informing the world on time, and Deutschland is asking for compensation from the Chinese government. One thing is clear though; the disease was capable of transforming from an outbreak in the Wuhan region to an epidemic and a pandemic across the globe because of globalization. Through globalization, the disease spread from China to Europe to the New Land, the Middle East and lastly Africa.
A better way to explain this phenomenon is first comprehending the Black Plague which wrecked Europe in 1347 extinguishing almost a third of Europe’s population at that time. This was the second wave of this deadly disease, with the first wave occurring in the 6th century. As you guessed the disease began in Yunnan province (Not Wuhan) in China. At that time, globalization was setting its roots, and China had little contact with the outside. However, it had contact with Europe through the Black Sea trading route enhanced by the rise of the Ottoman Empire in Turkey. It was through this trading route from Istanbul to China that the infection got to Europe. It’s perceived that traders and Mongol soldiers coming from China brought the ailment to Crimea. Afterwards, it’s reported that 12 Genoese trading boats left the Black Sea for Western Europe and docked at Messina in Italy. Most of the sailors on board had died, and others were donning black boils on their skins. From there, the disease spread throughout Europe and killed over 25 million people in only three years.
The illness hardly spread to Africa, the Americas, Australia, and Eastern Europe. This aspect is contrary to COVID -19 that took only three months to spread to at least all countries on planet earth; even Iceland. In just three months, over 11 million people have contracted the virus, and 0.5 million have succumbed to it. This figure is enormous, considering that there are advanced healthcare systems now when compared to the roots and herbs used in 1347.
Having gone through that history, it’s crystal clear that globalization which has opened borders and movement of people from one place to another is the best scapegoat for the pandemic. The Hartsfield Jackson Airport in Atlanta, which was 2019’s world’s busiest airport has over 110, 531, 000 passengers using its terminus. Beijing international airport had over 100,000,000 passengers from different countries using its terminus in 2019. These figures show that many people from different countries are having contact with other countries. This was the same reason why the infection took a short time to cross borders and infect people in foreign countries as far as the Antarctic.
This development brings us to question how globalization is getting handled. For a long time, globalization has been looked from a business point of view, but the COVID 19 catastrophe prompts the world to look at it from a wholesome point of view, including health care. The 2014 Ebola outbreak in Western Africa which spread to other countries in Europe and the united states should have been a wake-up call for us, but we did not pick the opportunity to prevent what is happening today. With increased globalization comes increased exposure to problems such as infections and crime. There’s need to rethink globalization for it not to affect global future and prevent any pandemic in future.


Loquat, strange but sweet!

So, there is this fruit I grew up cherishing for its mouth-watering orange colour and sweet sup. Mind you; I spent some time in my native land Kisii when I was young before relocating to the coastal side. Just a tip for those who wonder how I can speak rather fluent Mijikenda and Gusii languages. For almost 22 years, I knew the fruit by my mother though ‘ebirangwati’. I also thought that they only grew in Gusii land, but I was mesmerized to find them in Taita and some parts of the central region. I remember this one time I saw the tree on campus, near LT, for those that know Kenyatta university well. Waited for it to blossom and produce fruits. Then this one morning as I walked down the pavements I saw some ladies and gentlemen in the miniskirts, skimpy dresses and rugged pairs of jeans on the tree; harvesting or rather stealing the fruits. It was such a site that I took pictures of them.
Right now the fruit trees are blossoming in Gusii land which makes it an Augustine. I am pretty sure that 96% of you don’t know this fruit trees specifics and hence be my students. So this tree’s common name is loquat while it’s scientific name is Eriobotrya japonica. I guess that’s where it’s Gusii name ‘ebirangwati’ was coined from. The loquat originated from China, where it grew as a wild fruit. Since evidence of how it got to Africa is scanty, we can attribute its existence in Africa to the Europeans who are recorded to have been trading with the Chinese as early as the 16th century. Michael Boym, a Polish Jesuit and missionary to China, described the loquat in his history book Flora Sinensis; bringing the fruit to Europe. The common name loquat is of Portuguese origin since its mostly cultivated as a garden fruit in Portugal.
Over the years, loquat has been naturalized in various parts of the world such as Kenya, Afghanistan, Australia, Azerbaijan, Mexico, USA, Japan and many more. China continues to the be largest producer and exporter of loquat followed by Spain, where its referred to as nisperos.
The loquat is grown for its fruits that are rich in sugar, pectin and acid content. Nutritionally the fruits are rich in Vitamins A and B as well as potassium and manganese. The fruit can be made into other products such as jelly, jam, juice and chutney—even fruit salads. Loquat fruits can also be fermented into a light fruit wine using white liquor and crystal sugar. It’s seeds have been used to make an Italian alcoholic beverage called nespolino. The tree is also grown as an ornamental garden plant because of its evergreen coloured leaves, golden yellow fruits and fragrant flowers.
In mainland China, it symbolizes gold and wealth. Now that you’re well versed on this cloying fruit I would like you to comment below what you call it in your local dialect. Loquat!!!


The cruel nature of African lecturers!

Sometimes back, I had a chilling conversation with a lady friend of mine who went on to explain her ordeal with a male lecturer I knew. Her predicaments began when this lecturer found her trying to cheat in his exam, prompting him to snatch and tear her paper before sending her out of the exam room. Afterwards, he called her to his office, probably for her to explain her side of the story. However, what lay ahead of her was mayhem; this old don with a pile of academic certifications was demanding for intimacy for him to forgive her. Well, I don’t want to expound the end of the story, but it got me thinking about how brutal some of the people holding the torch to educational enlightenment can get. Some months ago BBC featured a documentary explaining the surreal ordeals female students went through in the hands of Nigerian universities lecturers making me believe that maybe, just maybe, something could be wrong with African lecturers. More so, this was an African lecturer doing the unthinkable to a fellow African. I don’t hate the African I am or claim that non-Africans don’t do such things, but I am made to believe that African lecturers tend to be brutal than their peers.
Lending a hand to this claim is the way African lecturers treat students hardheartedly in everyday school life. Many times students miss classes for coming to class a minute after the lecturer has entered. Many times students miss exams and have to retake units because they came to the examination room five minutes late or forgot to follow simple rules like switching the phone off. If your phone rings while the African lecturer is teaching you’re out of his/her lecture. I knew a student that was asked never to attend a particular don’s class anymore because he put on a cap in class. I am not asking for compromise on this trivial issues of discipline, but I’ve attended Chinese language classes, been taught by an Indian as well as a British lecturer; their classes featured non of these fiascos.
The cruelty of these African lecturers extends further to how they attend to students issues. I’ve seen lecturers bash students for asking them the so-called stupid questions and in the process lowering the students’ self-esteem. Besides, they are never available for after classes consultation. Always busy, even busy for their jobs.
To make the case more strong, I personally accessed how African lecturers answered student emails when compared to white lecturers. Sometimes back, I was hustling for a scholarship opportunity and in the process had to email some of the lecturers in charge of those programs. I emailed three white lecturers, and they all replied at least instantly. I sent an email to a Malawian lecturer, he never replied. He definitely saw the email but the African in him pushed him to ignore it. This made me believe that some African lecturers were not willing to help or were just diabolic.

Bottom line, this piece is not to glorify racism or promote white supremacy in any way but stipulate the havoc African dons wreck on students. It’s without a doubt that non-African lecturers are more considerate. The cruelty or inconsiderate nature of African lecturers could be said to be peddled by the pre-installed no-nonsense African parenting. However, I believe there’s no excuse for such atrocities, but people need to be humane and considerate no matter how learned they are! If any of you reading gets to the zenith of knowledge and becomes a lecturer or teacher, it is your onus to make life bearable for your learners even if African.

Why the George Floyd protests are majorly as a backlash to COVID-19 and little about racism?

George Floyd is the name that has burst the internet and even surpassed COVID-19 in less than a fortnight. The death of George Floyd on 25th May due to brutal police restraining that led to a cardiac attack. The case’s magnitude gained momentum when a video of the arrest went viral on social media and authorities failed to file charges against Derek Chauvin and his colleagues. During his death Floyd was heard pleading with Chauvin that he wasn’t breathing; all to no avail because Chauvin held him on that position for at-least 9 minutes. The proprietors were not brought to book resulting in an uproar from Floyd’s family members, friends and the black community. This activated the #BlackLivesMatter which comes up whenever black people get killed by white police. His death sparked numerous protests and demonstrations which began in Minneapolis and spread to other cities in US and the world. By today demos have been held in more that 400 cities.
It’s true that the backbone of this demos is the fight against racism and police brutality. However, some aspects of this demos are queer when compared to other human rights demos held in the US by the black community. First and foremost, these protests are happening at a time when Corona virus has gained roots in the US killing over 100, 000 people but yet these people defy the social distancing and protective gear regulations put to curtail the spread of this pestilence. Besides, the demonstration has seen diversity that has never been seen in other demos. It’s clear that both black, white and Indian people are together in this. In some cities the number of white protestors outwits that of black protesters. Thirdly, the protests have seen a lot of looting getting done in many shops by both white and black protesters questioning the idea behind the protests. Is it looting or human rights?
Looking at this paradigm shift experienced in the protest, we are made to question the protest and its characteristics. It’s without doubt that the protests are peddled by the killing of George Floyd but the nature of the protests support the claim that people are steaming off COVID-19 pressure.
Since, the beginning of the pandemic in the US some two months ago, many people have been in-doors fearing for their lives. The freedoms of the people have also been limited especially when it comes to night life and partying. The disease has also claimed a lot of lives in US frustrating many people who now think that the government has failed to protect them. With this aspects in mind, uproar was a ticking bomb. George Floyd’s death to a large extent presented the ‘caged’ human beings with an opportunity to come out and freely feel the breeze. Humans are bound to activity and the inactivity due to COVID-19 was like a jail term. The number of people turning out to demonstrate, the number of white people participating in the demonstrations and the nature of demos characterized by heckling, looting and letting go is an indicator that protesters want to feel the breeze. Freedom is essential to humanity and COVID-19 has incarcerated many in a jiffy. Using civil disobedience in an human rights struggle is an advocacy for return to normality.